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Kasinosäännöt sekä käyttö- ja sopimusehdot

General Terms & Conditions

Updated: 29/05/2018

These Rules, Terms and Conditions apply to, and are binding upon you if you participate at the Casino and/or Poker Room.

This page defines the Terms and Conditions that apply to all monies and wagers accepted by us and all Services offered by, and on any Website powered by Digimedia including the following websites: www.royalvegascasino.com, www.platinumplayonlinecasino.com, www.7sultanscasino.com, www.vegaspalmscasino.com, www.europalace.com, www.piggspeak.com, www.redflushcasino.com, www.casinolavida.com, www.fortuneroomcasino.com, www.allslotscasino.com, www.alljackpotscasino.com, www.wildjackcasino.com, www.wintingocasino.com('the Website(s)').

These Rules, Terms and Conditions replace any pre-existing Rules, Terms and Conditions that appeared on this Casino/Poker Room Website. In these Rules, Terms and Conditions:

"Account" means a unique Account that has been issued to you by the Casino and/or Poker Room.

"Agreement" means these Rules, Terms and Conditions;
the "Casino" means the casino situated at the Casino Website and owned and/or operated by us;

"Casino Group" means collectively all the online casinos proprietary to us; including, but not limited to, Digimedia, Seabrook and Selbourne

"Casino Website" "" or any derivative thereof;

"Charge-back" means when you, or a credit card issuing bank, or any other third party payment solutions provider effects a reversal of charges in relation to your credit card or third party deposit transaction;

"Closed Player Account" means an Account that has been closed, deregistered or excluded by either us or you;

"Inactive Account" means a Player's Account which has not recorded any login and/or logout for a period exceeding 12 (twelve) consecutive months without the requirement of any financial transaction;

"Dormant Player" means a player who has a Dormant Account;

"Guest Player" means a Player who utilizes free-play casino credits with no monetary value to place wagers at the Casino;

"Participate" means, without limitation, any of the conduct described in 4.1.1 to 4.1.7 below and visiting the Casino and/or Poker Room Website and/or playing any games offered by the Casino and/or Poker Room at the Casino and/or Poker


Room and/or utilizing the Casino or Poker Room and/or Casino Website and/or the Software in any manner whatsoever;

"Payment Service Provider" means a 3rd party with whom we have an arrangement to process money transfers.

"Player/s" mean(s) a Real Player and/or a Guest Player and/or a Dormant Player and/or a Closed Account Player;

"Real Player" means any player who has registered an Account at the Casino and/or Poker Room; the "Service" means the availability to, and provision of Software that enables you to play at the Casino and/or Poker Room using the Internet or your mobile phone;

"Software" means any software owned by or licensed to us that must be downloaded in order for you to participate at the Casino and/or Poker Room and/or any Flash Games versions of the software that do not need to be downloaded;

Digimedia Ltd (C45651) is a Maltese registered company registered at Villa Seminia, 8, Sir Temi Zammit Avenue, Ta’XBiex XBX1011. Digimedia Ltd is licensed under the Malta Gaming Authority, license number: MGA/CL1/932/2013 (issued on 6 November 2014), MGA/CL1/542/2008 (issued 16th June 2015) and MGA/CL1/1404/2017 (issued 29th November 2017).

All transactions between the Player and Digimedia Limited take place in Malta where the principal servers are based. The Player's gaming contract is with Digimedia Limited. Digimedia Limited is the company who provides the gaming services to the Player.

"Your Jurisdiction" means the jurisdiction in which you are domiciled, reside or work.


1. Your Participation at the Casino and/or Poker Room

1.1 Participation

1.1.1 Participation at the Casino and/or Poker Room is at your sole option, discretion and risk. Internet Gambling may be illegal in the jurisdiction / country in which You are located or residing. The Casino does not intend to enable You to contravene applicable law. You are responsible for any gaming activity and You are also responsible for ensuring that You are not contravening any law or legislation prohibiting gaming online. Before relying on any information contained on the Website you should consult the rules in your jurisdiction. The Casino excludes to the fullest extent lawfully permitted all liability for any use of the Website, whether the service is moderated or not. You are solely responsible for ascertaining whether it is legal in Your Jurisdiction to participate at the Casino and/or Poker Room. The Casino cannot open accounts, or process bets or financial transactions, for individuals residing in Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France & Outlying Territories, Hong Kong, Iran, Israel, Italy, Myanmar, North Korea, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, USA & Outlying Territories, Taiwan, Turkey, Hungary and United Kingdom. The Casino reserves the right to amend the list of countries from which it will not open accounts, or process bets or financial transactions from time to time at its sole discretion.

1.1.3 You may only participate at the Casino and/or Poker Room if it is legal for you to do so within Your Jurisdiction.

1.1.4 All applicants must be over 18 years of age to register with the Casino. In addition to the provisions of 1.1.3 above, you may only participate at the Casino and/or Poker Room if you have attained the legal age of majority within Your Jurisdiction. We reserve the right to ask for Your proof of age and suspend Your account until satisfactory documentation is provided.

1.1.5 We do not warrant the legality of your participation at the Casino and/or Poker Room in terms of the laws of Your Jurisdiction.

1.1.6 We have the right to request you to furnish us with proof of your identity and age as a condition precedent to us allowing you to participate at the Casino and/or Poker Room. All information supplied when registering with Website must be accurate and complete in all respects.

1.1.7 You hereby authorize us and our designated agents in rem suam, as and when we require, to confirm your identity and your right to use the monies that you wager at the Casino and/or Poker Room.

1.1.8 You may not open and maintain more than one account at any point in time.

1.1.9 Funds and/or Casino and/or Poker Room credits may only be transferred between Casino or Poker Room accounts belonging to the same player i.e. transfers to third parties are not permitted.

1.1.10 The Casino and/or Poker Room at its discretion reserves the right to pay any winnings in Euros, irrespective of the currency the player's account has been registered in or the bet was placed.

1.1.11 We have the right to verify the account information at any time and suspend the account pending adequate verification. You are asked to keep Your registration details up to date. If You change Your address, email, phone number or any other contact or personal information please contact customer support in order to update Your account information.

1.1.12 You agree to receive communications from the Casino Group and their marketing agents.

1.1.13 The casino does not allow players to gamble on credit.

1.1.14 The Casino allows You to choose Your own user name and password combination. You are asked to keep this information secret. Any actions carried out through Your account will stand if Your user name and password have been entered correctly. We will not be held liable for security weaknesses on devices or shared passwords. In accordance with the Regulations Players will refrain from using obscene or offensive usernames or aliases. Should a Player elect to do so we reserve the right to close your account.

1.1.15 All Player offers are limited to one per person, family, household address, email address, telephone number, debit/credit card and shared computer, e.g. school, public library or workplace. All casino offers are intended for recreational players and we may in our sole discretion limit the eligibility of Players to participate in any promotion. We reserve the right to withdraw the availability of any offer or all offers to any Player or group of Players. We reserve the right to reclaim all bonuses awarded and any winnings accrued if Players are found to be tampering with or abusing any aspect of a casino promotion. Where there is evidence of a series of bets placed by a Player or group of Players, which due to enhanced payments through promotional offers results in guaranteed Player profits irrespective of the outcome, we reserve the right to ignore the bonus element of such offers and settle bets at the correct odds. We further reserve the right to ask any Player to provide sufficient documentation for us to be satisfied in our absolute discretion as to the Player's identity prior to us crediting any bonus, free bet or offer to their account.

1.1.16 By registering, you are deemed to have accepted and understood all the rules, Terms and Conditions displayed on the Website by the Group. We recommend that all members print out (or save to file) all transaction records, rules of play, cancellation policies, and pay-out policies.

1.1.17 If using a credit or debit card, the Cardholder's name MUST be the same as the name used when registering with the site. Where this is not the case the account may be suspended. Where an account is suspended, You should contact Player Services for details of our verification process. Any withdrawals that are made by bank wire or cheque will only be payable to the name used when registering with the site and if a debit or credit card has been used to deposit funds the name must correspond to the name registered on the card.

1.1.18 Updating or adding additional payment details may only be done by contacting Player Services. It is Your responsibility to make Yourself aware of the terms upon which Your payments are accepted. You are solely responsible to keep abreast of any changes.

1.1.19 We have an obligation to remit funds to players within a reasonable amount of time. Therefore, withdrawn uncontested funds, pending for withdrawal may be reversed back to the casino account should Players not respond or abide by the withdrawal requirements. Should withdrawals be reversed they will be available for play within the Casino. The casino will not be held liable for funds used.

1.1.20 If you do not wish to have pending funds made available to you, you will be required to contact Player Support directly and temporarily lock your account

1.1.21 All applicants may be sent an email to the registered email address for account activation. All accounts may be activated through this email. If this is not completed, the Casino reserves the right to suspend all activities on the account until the account details are verified.

1.1.22 Any monies held in Your account shall not attract interest.

1.2 Your Warranties

1.2.1 You warrant and represent, and we enter into this Agreement on the basis of such representations and warranties, all of which are material at the time of your entering into this Agreement and throughout the currency hereof, that you: are legally able to participate in the Casino and/or Poker Room within Your Jurisdiction; are an "adult", having attained the age of majority within your Jurisdiction; shall not allow any third party (in particular, but without limitation, any minor/s) to, directly or indirectly, use your Account/s that you hold at the Casino and/or Poker Room, utilize the Software or accept a prize from the Casino and/or Poker Room; have furnished us with personal details that are valid, accurate and complete in each and every respect and that you shall advise us immediately via email should such details change; are the true and lawful owner of the monies that you wager at the Casino and/or Poker Room and/or that you are duly and properly authorized to utilize such monies for the aforementioned purposes; shall not deposit nor wager any monies at the Casino and/or Poker Room that are derived in any manner whatsoever from illegal activities contemplated in 1.6 below; shall pay all monies owed to the Casino and/or Poker Room and in respect of payment shall not charge-back, and/or deny or reverse or countermand any such payments; have read and understood these Rules, Terms and Conditions; and participate at the Casino on an individual basis and for personal entertainment only (that is, Not in a professional sense or in concert with other Player(s) as part of a club, group, etc.)

1.2.2 If you breach the warranty contained in clause 1.2.1 above, all transactions placed by you shall be null and void and you shall forfeit any winnings accrued to you as a result of such transactions and/or participation.

1.3 Refusal to Register, Deregistration, Exclusion & Suspension

1.3.1 We may refuse to register you as a player or elect to deregister and exclude you or suspend you as a player from the Casino and/or Poker Room at any time and for any reason whatsoever.

1.3.2 You acknowledge hereby that the Casino and/or Poker Room is not obliged to give you prior notice of its decision to refuse, deregister or exclude or suspend you, nor to furnish you with any reasons for such decision.

1.4 Consequences of Deregistration, Exclusion or Suspension

1.4.1 If we deregister or exclude or suspend you from the Casino and/or Poker Room we shall have the right to: withhold payment to you of any contested funds whether such contested funds are deposits, refunds, bonuses, free monies, Casino and/or Poker Room credits, payouts or the like; and/or exclude you from all or any other Casinos and/or Poker rooms in the group of Casinos of which the Casino/Poker Room is a member; and/or solely determine what criteria you shall have to meet in order to establish a New Account at the Casino and/or Poker Room; and/or in the case of fraudulent, illegal or similar misconduct by you or failure by you to pay any sums due to us: furnish any relevant information about you to an intra-group database recording such mischief and, if necessary, hand over your account details to a collections agency for the recovery of any sums that you owe us. You hereby irrevocably authorize us to do so in our absolute discretion, and/or have forfeited to us any contested funds that may be derived by you from fraudulent, illegal or similar misconduct.

1.5 Dormant Accounts & Dormant Bonus Balances

1.5.1 It is recorded that the provisions of this Clause 1.5 only apply if all of a Real Player's Accounts at the Casino Group constitute Dormant Accounts.

1.5.2 Any credit balance standing to an Inactive Player's Account may, in the Casino's sole and unfettered discretion, be handled by the Casino and/or Poker Room as follows: an administration fee equivalent to 5 Euros of such credit balance shall be levied monthly thereon and deducted there from until the earlier of: the credit balance being reduced to zero; or the Inactive Account becoming active; or 30 months after the Player's Account becomes a Dormant Account (under regulation 39)

1.5.3 If no transaction has been recorded on a player's account for thirty (30) months, the Casino shall remit the balance in the accounts to the player, or if the player cannot be satisfactorily located, to the relevant Authority.

1.5.4 Notwithstanding meeting any play through requirement, in our sole and absolute discretion, you may lose any bonuses and winnings derived from such bonuses if such moneys remain unused by you at the Casino for a period of six months from the date on which such bonus(es) were awarded. For the purpose hereof all Loyalty points awarded shall be construed to be Bonuses.

1.6 Money Laundering

1.6.1 It is recorded that some jurisdictions have strict laws on money laundering that may impose an obligation upon us to report you to the federal or local authorities within such jurisdictions if we know, suspect or have reason to suspect that any of your transactions, amongst other things, involve funds derived from illegal activities or are intended to conceal funds derived from illegal activities or involve the use of the Casino and/or Poker Room to facilitate criminal activity.

1.6.2 If we have knowledge or suspicion envisaged in 1.6.1 above we may: immediately suspend, deregister or terminate your Account at the Casino and/or Poker Room; and/or at our sole discretion, not refund to you any funds held in such Account; and/or exclude you from all or any other Casinos and/or Poker Rooms in the group of Casinos of which the Casino and/or Poker Room is a member; and/or furnish any relevant information about you to an intra-group database recording such mischief. You hereby irrevocably authorize us to do so in our absolute discretion.

1.6.3 We reserve the right to report you to the aforementioned federal or local authorities should we, in our absolute discretion; determine that we are obliged, by law, to do so.

1.6.4 In order to assist in the prevention of money laundering: no cash shall be accepted to fund any Account at the Casino and/or Poker Room; no substantial and/or exceptional withdrawals individually and cumulatively shall be made unless notarized facsimile copies of the following are received: most recent bank statement for the bank account from which your wagers have been paid; a copy of a government issued photo identity document, i.e. driver's license; current and valid passport, identity card, etc a copy of a utility bill no older than 3 months clearly reflecting your registered address and name, i.e. most recent bank statement gas or electricity bill, etc

1.7. Publicity

1.7.1 If, whilst playing at the Casino and/or Poker Room, you win a sum of money or any other prize regarded by the Casino and/or Poker Room as worthy of publicity, you agree to make yourself available for any event of such a nature arranged by the Casino. The Casino will do its utmost to protect your privacy at all times.

1.7.2 Without derogating from the generality of clause 1.7.1 above, you hereby grant us the right to use your first name in any publicity about your win mentioned above and to use a picture of a model in your stead.

1.7.3 For further information on our privacy policy please see the relevant link on this Casino Website.

1.8. Your consent

1.8.1 Telephone calls may be recorded or monitored for quality and/or security purposes. By using this service, you are consenting to the recording or monitoring thereof.

1.8.2 We may collect and record all internet communications, details of transactions you carry through the site and details of your visits to the site.

1.8.3 In registering a Practice or Real account, you hereby consent to us contacting You through any and all means of communication (whether in written or verbal form and including, but not limited to email, telephone and SMS) in respect of matters relating to Your account. To unsubscribe to any or all forms of communication, please contact us directly.

1.9 Use of automated players ('bots') and Illegal Software

1.9.1 The use and abuse of a bug or bots or any other form of artificial intelligence in any of the Software or Services provided on the Casino platform is illegal.

1.9.2 The use of software to influence or modify the outcome of any of the games in the Poker or Casino for financial gain is strictly forbidden and any monies acquired in this way will be deducted from the Player's funds.

1.9.3 The Casino shall take all necessary measure in case of a use and/or abuse of a bug, bot or any other form of artificial intelligence from a Player as blocking of the Player account, freezing of the funds and reserve the right to legal proceedings

2. The Service

2.1. The Casino is not liable for any downtime, server disruptions, lagging, or any technical or political disturbance to the game play. We are not liable for any acts or omissions made by Your internet service provider or any third party with whom You have contracted to gain access to the server that hosts the Website. Software and Services are provided 'as is' and the Casino makes no warranties or representations, whether express or implied (whether by law, statute or otherwise) including but not limited to implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, completeness or accuracy of the Software/Services or infringement of applicable laws and regulations. The entire risk of as to the use, quality and performance of the Software/Services relies on You.

2.2. We shall not be liable for computer malfunctions, failure of telecommunications service or Internet connections nor attempts by you to participate in games by methods, means or ways not intended by us. You are solely responsible for any telecommunications devices and services utilized by you to participate at the Casino.

The Casino makes no warranty that the Software or Services will meet Your requirements, be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free, that defects will be corrected or that the Software or server that makes it available are free from viruses or bugs or represents that the full functionality, accuracy and reliability of the Software or Services as to results or accuracy of any information obtained by You. In the event of systems or communications errors relating to the generation of random numbers, bet settlement or other element of the Product, we will not be liable to You as a result of any such errors and we reserve the right to void all bets on the draws in question.

2.3. We cannot guarantee that the Service will never be faulty but we will correct reported faults as soon as we reasonably can. If a fault occurs, you should report the fault by email or in writing to Customer Support.

2.3.1 The Casino shall accept no liability for any damages or losses which are deemed or alleged to have arisen out of or in connection with the Website or the Services; including without limitation, delays or interruptions in operation or transmission, loss or corruption of data, communication or lines failure, any person's misuse of the site or its content or any errors or omissions in content.

2.3.2 We reserve the right to refuse or limit any wager(s) at our sole discretion for any reason whatsoever. In circumstances where a stake is deemed to be or is declared void by us at our discretion, any sum deducted from Your account with respect to that stake or wager shall be credited to Your account. Wagers shall only be valid if accepted by our server and subject to the Agreement. Until acceptance, no communications from You shall be binding on us and all information displayed on this site constitutes an invitation to play only. Malfunction (whether on a Website or Your equipment) voids all pays and plays. Should we determine to waive a rule in the interest of fair play to You, it shall only be for that instant and shall not set a precedent for the future.

2.4. The Casino reserves the right to void any winnings that were obtained as a result of hardware/software error or malfunction. Players found abusing such errors/malfunctions are subject to having their account closed and any deposits and/or winnings forfeited. In the event of a Website system malfunction all bets are void. The Casino reserves the right to suspend, modify or remove or add to the Website any games or software at its sole discretion with immediate effect and without notice. The Casino shall not be liable to You for any loss suffered by You resulting from any changes made or for any modification or suspension of or discontinuance of the Software or Services and You shall have no claims against the Casino in such regard.

2.5. We may temporarily suspend the whole or any part of the Service for any reason at our sole discretion. We may, but shall not be obliged to, give you as much notice as is reasonably practicable of such suspension. We will restore the Service, as soon as is reasonably practicable, after temporary suspension.

2.6. In the event of a Casino system malfunction all wagers are void. Refunds may be given solely at the discretion of Casino Management. Where a manifest error, mistake or system failure results in an incorrect odd, line or handicap taken in a bet, the bet, or that part of the bet if it is a multiple bet/parlay will be null and void.


2.7 In accordance with clause 4.2 below, we will not be liable to you for any loss that you may incur as a result of such suspension or delay.

2.8. It is the sole responsibility of the player to account and report relevant taxes on winnings that might be applicable in their jurisdiction.

2.9. The Casino does not provide advice to Players regarding tax and/or legal matters. Players who wish to obtain advice regarding tax and legal matters are advised to contact appropriate advisors and/or authorities in the jurisdiction in which they are domiciled and/or resident.

2.10. Players are strictly prohibited from utilizing the Casino and it systems to facilitate arbitrage through Currency Exchange transactions. Where the Casino deems that a Player has deliberately used the aforementioned systems for financial gain through arbitrage, any gains will be forfeited and deducted from the Players balance without warning or notification.

2.11. You are permitted to install and use the Software and all content derived from the Software in connection with the use of the websites in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and with Microgaming's End User License Agreement (EULA). The Software allows You to use our gambling services available via the websites (the 'Services'). You may install the Software on a hard disk or other storage device and may make backup copies of the Software, provided that such backup copies are used only by You in connection with the Services through a computer of which You are the principal user. The Software's code, structure and organization are protected by intellectual property rights. You must not:

Copy, redistribute, publish, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, modify, translate or make any attempt to access the source code to create derivate works of the source code or otherwise.

Sell, assign, sublicense, transfer, distribute or lease the Software.

Make the Software available to any third party through a computer network or otherwise.

Export the Software to any country (whether by physical or electronic means).

Use the Software in a manner prohibited by applicable laws or regulations.

Together the 'Non-Permitted Uses' You will be solely liable for any damage, costs or expenses arising out of or in connection with the commission of any Non-Permitted Uses.

3. Shared Environments

We may impose any limits or conditions that we, in our sole discretion, deem fit on any persons who open or attempt to open Accounts at the Casino and/or Poker Room where such Accounts originate from environments where computers are, or the environment is shared.

4. Indemnity & Limitation of Liability

4.1. You agree that You are free to choose whether to use the Services and do so at Your sole option, discretion and risk. You indemnify and hold harmless the Casino and/or Poker Room, its directors, officers, employees, shareholders, agents and affiliates, the ultimate parent and parent companies of the Casino and/or Poker Room and any of its subsidiaries against any and all costs, expenses, liabilities and damages (whether direct, indirect, special, consequential, exemplary or punitive or other) arising from any participation by you at the Casino and/or Poker Room. The nature of your participation shall include, but not be limited to, inter alia:

4.1.1. visiting, use or re-use of this Casino and/or Poker Room Website;

4.1.2. use or re-use of any materials at, or obtained from, this Casino and/or Poker Room Website or any other source whatsoever;

4.1.3. entry, use or re-use of the Casino and/or Poker Room Website server;

4.1.4. facilitating or making a deposit into your Account at the Casino and/or Poker Room;

4.1.5. wagering or gaming at the Casino and/or Poker Room;

4.1.6. acceptance and use of any win or prize at or from the Casino and/or Poker Room;

4.1.7. use or re-use of the Casino and/or Poker Room software, whether downloaded from the Casino and/or Poker Room Website or by any other means or through any other medium.

4.2. In no circumstances whatsoever shall the Casino and/or Poker Room, its directors, officers, employees, shareholders, agents and affiliates, the ultimate parent and parent companies of the Casino and/or Poker Room and any of its subsidiaries be liable to you in contract, tort, negligence or otherwise, for any loss or damage howsoever arising from any cause whatsoever, whether direct or indirect, or for any amounts whatsoever (even where we have been notified by you of the possibility of such loss or damage).

4.3. Upon confirmation of money transfer from us to the Payment Service Provider, we shall not be liable for any damages, loss or cost suffered or incurred by a Player (including any damages, loss or costs suffered or incurred as a result of a failure to pay or delay in payment).

4.4 The Casino and/or Poker room, its directors, officers, employees and shareholders shall not be liable for any acts or omissions of or advertisements published by third party advertisers and marketers.

4.5 Nothing in this Agreement will operate so as to exclude any liability of the Company for fraud, death or personal injury that is caused by the Company's negligence.

5. Promotions, Competitions and the Cash-Back Program

5.1. It is recorded that the Casino and/or Poker Room shall, from time to time, offer certain promotions, competitions and a cash- back program and that these competitions, promotions and cash- back programs may have separate terms, conditions and rules that are competition, promotion or cash- back program -specific and any complimentary bonus credited to Your account must be used in adherence with such terms and conditions.

5.2. These Rules, Terms and Conditions apply to any competition, promotion and cash- back program.

5.3. In the event of a conflict between these Rules, Terms and Conditions and the promotion, competition and/ or cash- back program -specific Rules, Terms and Conditions, the promotion, competition and/ or cash- back program -specific Rules, Terms and Conditions (as applicable) shall prevail but only to the extent that the Rules, Terms and Conditions conflict with one another.

5.4. The Casino and/or Poker Room reserves the right to exclude players from taking part in any promotion in its sole discretion. Promotions are for limited time only and the Casino reserves the right to terminate any Promotion at any time without prior notice. If unused casino bonuses remain, that bonus, as well as any winnings generated by such bonuses and loyalty points issued, will lapse after 6 months of date of issue. This is applied at the Casino's absolute discretion notwithstanding having met playthrough requirements for such bonuses.

5.5. The Cash-Back Program offered at the discretion of the Casino and no correspondence shall be entered into by the Casino with regard to any aspect of the Cash-Back Program (including, without limitation, the crediting or debiting of Cash- Back Points to a Player's Account, the ratio of Cash- Back Points to Casino Credits awarded and a Player's eligibility or lack thereof in participating in the Cash- Back Program). The Cash-Back Program can be withdrawn from a Players Casino Account without notice.

5.6. The Casino is a member of the Casino group. You may not claim a Bonus at the Casino if (1) prior to opening an Account at the Casino, you have opened an Account at any other online casino within the Casino Group and claimed such a Bonus from such other online casino and (2) having claimed such Bonus from the other online casino within the Casino Group, wagered such previously claimed Bonus and initial deposit less than 100 times at the online casino granting you such Bonus. Under no circumstances shall you be eligible for more than one sign- up bonus at the Casino and/or Poker Room even if you are able to open multiple Accounts thereat (in, for example, different currencies or languages). If your Account at the Casino and/or Poker Room has been credited with a sign- up bonus for which you (in our sole and unfettered discretion) are ineligible, the Casino and/or Poker Room shall retrospectively void such sign- up bonus and any winnings received by you after the sign- up bonus has been credited to your relevant Accounts.

5.7. Bonus amounts are subject to a minimum wagering requirement of at least 50 times ("Play- Through Requirement") before it can be transferred from your Bonus Balance to your Cash Balance. The Play- Through Requirement imposed will vary at our sole discretion per game, promotion and/or region to region. For example, if you deposit 100 and receive a 100 credit bonus, the Play Through Requirement will be 50 x 100 = 5000. Any winnings attributed to the Cash portion of your balance can be withdrawn at any time, subject to meeting all of these terms and conditions. In order to meet the wagering requirements, please see the contributing percentages on the applicable promotion specific rules.

5.7.1 Any winnings from no purchase required offers as well as free spins will be subject to a 50x wagering requirement in order for the bonus money there from to be transferred into the cash balance. Specific game play-through is standard as per Promotion - specific Terms and Conditions. In the event that a Player has a positive cash balance after the 50x wagering requirement is complete and such Player attempts to make a withdrawal, the withdrawal will be capped at 100 Casino Credits (in the Player's currency of play) and the remaining cash balance will be forfeited.

5.7.2 If you do not want any Bonus which has been deposited into your account by the Casino then you are entitled to request that it be reversed out of your Casino account, subject to no Play Through having taken place on Bonus, the initial deposit and/or associated Sign-Up Bonus. You can do this by contacting Customer support by email or live chat. If any part of the Bonus has been used, then the Bonus may not be removed from your account (either by means of withdrawal or a request to the support staff) until the Play Through Requirement associated with the Bonus has been met.

5.7.3 Where a Sign-Up Bonus has been granted to you, subject to you being required to have met all wagering requirements, you will be limited to a maximum withdrawal value of 6 times your first deposit amount and any remaining balance will be forfeited. This clause will only be applied at the discretion of casino management. All progressive wins are exempt from this clause.

5.8. Before any withdrawals are processed, your play will be reviewed for any irregular playing patterns. In the interests of fair gaming, equal, zero or low margin bets or hedge betting, shall all be considered irregular gaming. Other examples of irregular game play include but are not limited to, placing single bets equal to or in excess of 30% or more of the value of the bonus credited to their account, until such time as the wagering requirements for that bonus have been met. For the purposes of this rule, a bet is defined as one roulette spin or one dealer's dealt hand in any table game, or one deal in any Video or Power Poker game (this includes Multi-Hand/Play games). Any double or gamble shall be considered a new bet. Should the Casino deem that irregular game play has occurred; the Casino reserves the right to withhold any withdrawals and/or confiscate all winnings.

5.8.1 Play at certain games will contribute a different percentage of the playthrough requirement:

100% All Slots, Keno & Scratch Card games

8% All table pokers, all roulettes, all video/power Pokers (excluding All Aces and Jacks or Better video pokers), all blackjacks (excluding Classic Blackjack) and Casino War

2% Classic Blackjacks, All Aces video pokers, all Jacks or Better video pokers

0% all baccarats, all craps, Red Dog, Sic Bo

0% All game play on MPV (Multiplayer Tournaments)

If you play on the excluded games (0%) before meeting the playthrough requirements, then you agree that the casino holds the right to void any winnings made from these games at our discretion.

Note: Playthrough (wagering) made using the Gamble Feature on all Slots or the Double Feature on all Video/Power Pokers will not count towards playthrough requirements.

IMPORTANT: The contribution percentages and playthrough requirements may differ per promotion and/or geographical location. In this instance, the percentage amounts and playthrough requirements quoted in the promotion's Terms & Conditions will apply.

Please always refer to the specific Terms & Conditions associated with each promotion to avoid any misunderstanding.

5.8.2 The Casino reserves the right to decide in its sole discretion which activities constitute "irregular play" and to withhold any withdrawals where irregular play has occurred.

5.8.3 In the event that the Casino believes you are abusing or attempting to abuse a bonus or other promotion, displaying irregular betting behavior, or you are likely to benefit through abuse or lack of good faith from a gambling policy adopted by Us, the Casino Group may at its sole discretion, deny, withhold or withdraw from you any bonus or promotion, or rescind any policy either temporarily or permanently, or terminate your access to the Services and/or block your account. In such circumstances, the Casino shall be under no obligation to refund to you any funds that may be in your accounts other than your original deposit amounts.

5.8.4 If you are found to be in breach of the warranty contained in clause 1.2 above, the Casino reserves the right, in its unfettered discretion, to void any winnings and confiscate any balance in a Casino

5.8.5 The maximum bet while a bonus is actively being played through is €8 per round and 50c per line. Failure to follow this condition may result in forfeiting any winnings.

6. Rules of Play

6.1. In addition to these Rules, Terms and Conditions Certain Rules of Play and FAQ's shall apply to you and be binding upon you in respect of your participation at the Casino and/or Poker Room.

6.2. You hereby agree to be bound by the aforementioned Rules of Play and FAQ's as if they were specifically incorporated into these Rules, Terms and Conditions.

6.3. In the event of a payout being left in play on a Video Poker game, the Casino reserves the right to collect and subsequently credit the Player's balance with that amount.

6.4. Winnings may be confiscated when a player has self-excluded themselves from gambling at other casinos due to gambling addiction/problems.

7. Payment Details / Withdrawals

7.1. The Casino reserves the right to ask You for verification documents upon registration and / or prior to processing financial transaction. This includes, but is not limited to:

Proof of income (if applicable)

Copy of photographic identification documents, such as a Passport or Drivers License

Documents confirming residence such as a bank statement or utility bill no older than 3 months.

7.2. The Casino reserves the right to run credit checks on all Cardholders with third party credit agencies on the basis of the information provided on registration.

7.3. It is the Cardholder's responsibility to retain copies of transaction records and Website policies and rules. It is also the Cardholder's responsibility to know the laws concerning online gambling in the country of domicile.

7.4. Any withdrawals that are made by bank wire or cheque will only be payable to the name used when registering with the site and if a debit or credit card has been used to deposit funds the name must correspond to the name registered on the card. There may be charges incurred for withdrawals. Funds must be withdrawn with the same method used for depositing, up to the amount of the deposit. Please note that any withdrawals may experience a slight delay due to our identity verification process.

Note: in accordance with regulations established by our Regulators, the Casino is required to verify a player's identity upon a withdrawal of €2,330 or more (or the equivalent value of the player's chosen currency).


7.5. Updating or adding additional payment details may only be done by contacting Player Services.

7.6. Players who withdraw a sum of money that is 5 times or more, greater than their lifetime deposits across the Casino Group will liable for detailed game and play review and only be able to withdraw their winnings at a sum of €4,000 per week. The remaining amount will be placed back in the player's account until such time that they are eligible for a further withdrawal. This clause will only be applied at the discretion of casino management. All progressive wins are exempt from this clause.

7.7. Winnings are added in the selected currency for Your account to the cleared balance of Your account. Should you wish to withdraw some or all of Your balance You may select how much You wish to have paid back. The maximum withdrawal amount per 24-hour period is €10,000 or currency equivalent. If there are any concerns or queries regarding the collection of winnings, please email us directly.

8. Responsible Gaming/Gambling

8.1. Gaming is supposed to be fun but can be addictive. We promote responsible gaming by:

Enabling the blocking / suspension of accounts upon request

Allowing You to contact one of our Player Support Representatives or click through to one of the links provided in the Responsible Gaming page.

8.2. For full details about the Group's Self-Exclusion Policy, please refer to the Responsible Gaming Page

8.3 Although every effort will be made to action your request via email within a reasonable period of time please bear in mind there may be a slight delay to action. The casino is not liable for losses due to pending communications.

For queries requiring immediate attention please contact Customer services via live chat.

9. Intellectual Property

9.1. We hereby grant you a revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the Casino and/or Poker Room Website and the Software and all content derived from the Casino and/or Poker Room Website and the Software, including copyright and all intellectual property rights therein, in connection with the Service in accordance with these Rules, Terms and Conditions.

9.2. You acknowledge and agree that all copyright, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights in all material or content supplied as part of the Casino and/or Poker Room Website and the Software shall remain at all times vested in us or our licensors. You are permitted to use this material only as expressly authorized by us or our licensors.

9.3. You acknowledge and agree that the material and content contained within the Casino and/or Poker Room Website is made available for your personal non-commercial use only and that you may download such material and content onto only one computer hard drive for such purpose. Any other use of such material and content is strictly prohibited. You agree not to (and agree not to assist or facilitate any third party to) copy, reproduce, transmit, publish, display, distribute, commercially exploit, tamper with, or create derivative works of such material and content.

10. General

10.1. Amendment

10.1.1. The Casino and/or Poker Room may, without notice to you, amend, alter, delete, interlineate or add to ("Changes") these Rules, Terms and Conditions, the promotion or competition-specific Rules, Terms and Conditions or Rules of Play at any time whatsoever.

10.1.2. These Changes shall become effective, and you shall be bound by these Changes, immediately upon their posting on the Casino and/or Poker Room Website.

10.1.3. You agree to regularly review these Rules, Terms and Conditions, promotion or competition-specific Rules, Terms and Conditions and the Rules of Play regularly in order to assess whether any changes have been made.

10.2. Eligibility

The Casino and/or Poker Room's employees, subsidiaries and affiliates connected to any referral programs linked to the Casino and/or Poker Room, advertising or other agencies, licensees, licensors, distributors and their other associated or affiliated companies or, in the case of individuals, the immediate family of such individuals, are not eligible to participate at the Casino and/or Poker Room as a Real Player.

10.3. Severability

If any part of these Rules, Terms and Conditions is deemed unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, then that part shall be deemed to be severable from the rest of these Rules, Terms and Conditions and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of these Rules, Terms and Conditions. In such cases, the part deemed invalid or unenforceable shall be amended in a manner consistent with applicable law to reflect, as closely as possible, our original intent.

10.4. Non-Waiver

No indulgence granted by the Casino and/or Poker Room to you should be construed as a waiver of any of our or the Casino and/or Poker Room's rights in terms of these Rules, Terms and Conditions.

10.5. Third Parties

Unless otherwise expressly stated, nothing in these Rules, Terms and Conditions shall create or confer any rights on any persons not party to these Rules, Terms and Conditions.

10.6. Acceptance

By accepting these Terms and Conditions You are fully aware that there is a risk of losing money when gambling by means of the Website and You are fully responsible for any such loss. You agree that Your use of the Website is at Your sole option, discretion and risk. In relation to Your Losses You shall have no claims whatsoever against the Casino or any white label partner or their respective directors, officers or employees.

10.7. Whole Agreement

Unless the context otherwise indicates, these Rules, Terms and Conditions set out the entire agreement between us and supersede all prior oral or written agreements, arrangements or understandings between us. You acknowledge that you are not relying on any representation, agreement, term or condition that is not set out in this Agreement.

10.8. Interpretation

In this Agreement the headings are used for convenience only and shall not affect its interpretation. References to persons shall include incorporated and unincorporated persons; references to the singular include the plural and vice versa; and references to the masculine include the feminine.

10.9. Governing Authority

This Casino and/or Poker Room is regulated by the provisions of the Gaming Legislation, Ordinances and Regulations of and issued by the Government of Malta. Players acknowledge that we may be bound (and shall be entitled) to disclose certain information about you and your account to the Maltese Gaming Authorities in terms of such laws and regulations.

10.10. Applicable Law & Jurisdiction

All players, the validity, construction and performance of this Agreement shall be governed by Maltese law and shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Maltese superior courts to which the parties hereby submit, except that a Party may seek an interim injunction in any court of competent jurisdiction

10.11. Limitation of Actions

You hereby agree that any legal proceedings to enforce any claim that you may have (if any) against the Casino and/or Poker Room shall be initiated by you within a period of 6 (six) months of the cause of action arising (the "Prescription Period"); failing which you hereby forever waive and abandon any right that you may have to enforce such claim after the Prescription Period and confirm that on the expiry of the Prescription Period the said claim shall be void, waived and abandoned in law.

10.12. Translations

These Rules, Terms and Conditions may be translated into many different languages. If there is any discrepancy between the English language version of these Rules, Terms and Conditions and any other language- version of these Rules,

Terms and Conditions in the meaning and interpretation of any of the provisions of these Rules, Terms and Conditions, the meaning and interpretation of the provisions under the English language version shall prevail.

10.13 Tournaments

10.13.1 Entrance into the tournament is limited to one per person per Casino account. If Player's open multiple accounts, they will not be eligible for an entry per account. Entry is only available once per Player and/or per environment where computers are shared and/or per e-mail address. Only one Alias is permitted per Player per tournament.

10.13.2 Upon withdrawal, any winnings from the Tournament Free Rolls prior to a cash deposit will be capped at 100 Casino Credits (in the Player's currency of play) and the remaining cash balance will be forfeited.

10.14 Complaints and disputes

Any customer who has any concerns or questions regarding the Casino or regarding a settlement should contact Customer services via live chat or email. Unresolved complaint may be referred to the relevant Gaming Authority as detailed below.

For players from elsewhere in the world, please contact the MGA at support.mga@mga.org.mt. If you are an existing Casino account holder please include your username/account number/alias, Name, Surname and contact information in all correspondence.

10.15 Assignment

These Terms and Conditions are personal to you, and are not assignable, transferable or sub licensable by you except with our prior written consent. We reserve the right to assign, transfer or delegate any of our rights and obligations hereunder to any third party without notice to you.

10.16 Business Transfers

In the event of a change of control, merger, acquisition, or sale of assets of the company, your player account and associated data may be part of the assets transferred to the purchaser or acquiring party. In such an event, we will provide you with notice via email or notice on our web site explaining your options with regards to the transfer of your account.

10.17 Termination of Account

The Casino reserves the right to cancel the Your account for any reason whatsoever at any time without notice to You. Any balance in the Your account at the time of such cancellation will be credited to Your credit card and/or sent to the You by cheque. However, the Casino reserves the right, in its unfettered discretion, to void any winnings and confiscate any balance in a Casino account in any of the following circumstances:

If You have more than one active account for the Casino;

ii. If the name on Your Casino account does not match the name on the credit card(s) used to make deposits on a Casino account;

iii. If You participate in a Casino promotion and cash-in before fulfilling the requirements of that particular promotion;

iv. If You provide incorrect or misleading registration information;

v. If You are not of legal age;

vi. If You reside in a jurisdiction where participation in Casino games is prohibited by law;

vii. If You have allowed or permitted (intentionally or unintentionally) someone else to play on Your Casino account;

viii. If You have not played at the Casino on an individual basis for personal entertainment only (that is, You have played in a professional sense or in concert with other Player(s) as part of a club, group, etc.);

ix. If the casino has received charge backs or returns via a deposit mechanism used on your account;

x. If You are found colluding, cheating, money laundering or undertaking fraudulent activity;

xi. If it is determined by the Casino that You have employed or made use of a system (including machines, computers, software or other automated systems) designed specifically to defeat the Casino;

xii. If You use the Website or Your account in bad faith;

xiii. If You make statements that are sexually explicit or offensive in the chat facility, including expressions of bigotry, racism, hatred or profanity;

xiv. If the Casino should become aware that You have played at any other on-line casino under any of the circumstances set out at (i) to (xiii) above.

10.17.1 Account Closure

If you wish to close Your account, please contact Player Services directly.

10.18 Final decision of Casino

In the event of a discrepancy between the result showing on Your Casino software and the Casino's server software, the result showing on the Casino's server software shall be the official and governing result.

10.19 Currency

The use of the $ symbol indicates US Dollars only, the use of the C$ symbol indicates Canadian Dollars only, the use of the £ symbol indicates Great Britain Pounds only and the use of the € symbol indicates Euros only.

10.20 Force Majeure

The Casino shall not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under the Terms of Use that is caused by events outside our reasonable control.

10.21 No agency

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall be construed as creating any agency, partnership, trust arrangement, fiduciary relationship or any other form of joint enterprise between You and us.

10.22 Explanation of Terms and Conditions

We consider these Terms and Conditions to be fair. Should You need any advice regarding these or any other part of our service, please contact us directly. In the interests of both our Players and the Casino, please note that all correspondence and telephone calls may be recorded.

11. Mobile Casino

When playing on the Mobile Casino the following additional terms shall apply:

11.1 Network Operator and Other Charges

You are solely responsible for any connection, use or other charges levied by your network operator when you register to play the Games, download the Software, place Bets or communicate with us. These charges shall form no part of any Bets placed.

11.2 Connectivity

You (the Player) are solely responsible for any telecommunications devices, networks, GPRS, Internet access services and other consents and permissions required in connection with your use of the Casino.

11.3 Special Provisions for the O2 Mobile Subscribers

If you are an O2 subscriber, please note that the following additional terms apply to you:

You hereby acknowledge that:

11.3.1. You shall not access or use The Service if you are roaming in a jurisdiction which does not permit gambling or betting services, and

11.3.2. We do not act as agent or representative of Cellectivity; Cellectivity is not a party to any contract with you for use of the Service.

Terms and Conditions last updated: 29/05/2018

Tervetuliaisbonuksen säännöt ja ehdot

Tämän kampanjan (“kampanja”) sinulle tarjoaa  -kasino (“kasino”), ja se on saatavilla ensikertalaisille kasinon pelaajille (“pelaaja/t”), jotka avaavat ensimmäisen oikean rahan tilinsä kampanjan aikana.

Tervetuliaisbonustarjous:    Free 

  1. Kasino kuuluu kasinoryhmään jonka omistaa "Ryhmä". Ryhmä saattaa koska tahansa tarjota rekisteröitymisbonuksia yhdellä tai kaikilla jäsenkasinoillaan.
  2. Kaikilla uusilla pelaajilla on 7 päivää aikaa tilin rekisteröimisestä lunastaa uuden pelaajan tervetuliaisbonus. Sen jälkeen rekisteröitymisbonus ei ole enää saatavilla. Muita kampanjoita tulee olemaan tarjolla, mutta rekisteröitymisbonus katsotaan menetetyksi.
  3. Huomaathan, että “Valuuttayksikkö” on valuutan yksikkö, jonka pelaaja valitsee oikean rahan tilinsä rekisteröimishetkellä Kasinolla käytettäväksi valuutakseen.
  4. Näissä kampanjoissa "Desktop" viittaa sovellukseen joka toimii itsenäisesti ladattuna tietokoneelle tai kannettavalle tietokoneelle.
  5. Sitä vastoin “Software” edellyttää verkkoselaimen käyttöä tai mobiilissa HTML5-pohjaisen mobiilisovelluksen käyttöä mikä toimii älypuhelimissa sekä tableteissa.
  6. Tervetuliaisbonus maksetaan automaattisesti bonustilille talletettuasi vähintään 10 valuuttayksikköä.
  7. Mikäli Kasino ei tarjoa mahdollisuutta valita maasi pääasiallista valuuttaa, voit pelata ja vastaanottaa bonuksia millä tahansa valitsemallasi valuutalla.
  8. Jos avaat useamman tilin, et ole oikeutettu saamaan tervetuliaisbonusta jokaisella tilillä. Tämä ja kaikki muut mahdolliset tervetuliaisbonukset myönnetään vain kerran henkilöä ja/tai jaettua tietokoneympäristöä ja/tai sähköpostiosoitetta kohti. Tämä tarjous ei ole siirrettävissä.
  9. Kun olet saanut rekisteröitymisbonuksen millä tahansa ryhmän jäsenkasinoista, sinun on täytettävä minimikierrätysvaatimukset, ennen kuin voit saada muita rekisteröitymisbonuksia muilla jäsenkasinoilla.
  10. Jos sinulle on myönnetty ilmaiskierrostarjous, se on kierrätettävä 50 kertaa (50x), ennen kuin voit nostaa voittoja, jotka on saatu tilisi saldon Bonusrahaosuudella (“Kierrätysvaatimus”). Esimerkiksi, jos talletat 100 krediittiä ja saat 100 krediitin bonuksen, kierrätysvaatimus on 50 x 100 = 5000. Kaikki tilisi saldon käteisosuudella saadut voitot voidaan nostaa milloin tahansa, mikäli ne täyttävät kaikki nämä säännöt ja ehdot. Jos pelaajalla on positiivinen käteissaldo sen jälkeen kun 50x kierrätysvaatimus on pelattu loppuun, ja pelaaja yrittää tehdä noston, ilmaiskierroksista saatujen voittojen nostomäärä rajoitetaan 100 kasinokrediittiin (pelaajan pelivaluutassa) ja jäljelle jäävä käteissaldo menetetään.
  11. Bonussumma on kierrätettävä (pelattava) vähintään 50 kertaa (50x) ennen kuin se voidaan siirtää bonussaldosta käteissaldoosi (Kierrätysvaatimus).  Esimerkiksi, jos talletat 100 krediittiä ja saat 100 krediitin bonuksen, kierrätysvaatimus on 50 x 100 = 5000.
  12. Et voi täten lunastaa tai saada ilmaiskierrostarjousta tällä kasinolla, jos olet aiemmin lunastanut tai saanut ilmaiskierrostarjouksen joltakin muulta ryhmän jäsenkasinolta, etkä ole vielä kierrättänyt tuota bonusta ja siihen liittyvää alkutalletusta vähintään 100 kertaa sillä ryhmän jäsenkasinolla, jolta sait bonuksen. Jos tilillesi tällä kasinolla on hyvitetty ilmaiskierrostarjous, johon sinua (meidän yksinomaisen päätäntävaltamme mukaisesti) ei ole kelpuutettu, kasino mitätöi jälkikäteen tuon rekisteröitymisbonuksen ja kaikki tilillesi maksetun ilmaiskierrostarjouksen jälkeen saamasi voitot.
  13. Kaikkien pelien pelaaminen lasketaan kohti kierrätysvaatimusten täyttymistä, paitsi jos kyseessä on ruletti, Sic Bo, craps, baccarat, pöytäpokeri, Casino War tai Red Dog; mutta, eri pelien pelaaminen vaikuttaa prosentuaalisesti eri tavoin kierrätysvaatimuksen täyttymiseen*:
    • - 100% kaikki kolikkopelit, keno & raaputusarpapelit (Kolikkopelien re-spinnit kerryttävät 10 %) 
    • -  8% kaikki video-/power-pokerit (paitsi All Aces ja Jacks or Better videopokerit), kaikki blackjackit (paitsi klassinen blackjack)
    • - 2% klassinen blackjack, All Aces -videopokeri, kaikki Jacks or Better -videopokerit
    • -  0% kaikki baccaratit, kaikki crapsit, Red Dog ja Sic Bo
    • - Panostukset käyttäen Gamble-toimintoa 0%
    • - Kaikki pelaaminen monen pelaajan turnauksissa (MPV - Multi Player Tournaments) 0%
    • - Jos pelaat poissuljettuja pelejä (0%) ennen kuin saavutat kierrätysvaatimukset, hyväksyt että kasinolla on oikeus mitätöidä näistä peleistä tehdyt voitot harkintansa mukaan.
    • - TÄRKEÄÄ: Prosenttiosuudet ja kierrätysvaatimukset voivat vaihdella kampanjoittain ja/tai maantieteellisten sijaintien mukaan. Tässä tapauksessa tarjouksen säännöissä ja ehdoissa mainitut prosenttiosuudet ja kierrätysvaatimukset pätevät. Lue aina kunkin kampanjan omat käyttöehdot välttyäksesi väärinkäsityksiltä. * Progressiiviset pelit vaikuttavat kierrätysvaatimusten täyttymiseen pelityypin mukaan. Esimerkiksi progressiiviset kolikkopelit vaikuttavat 100-prosenttisesti kierrätysvaatimusten täyttymiseen. ** Huomaathan, että panostukset käyttäen pelin Gamble-toimintoa eivät vaikuta kierrätysvaatimusten täyttymiseen.  ***Huomaathan, että pelaaminen monen pelaajan turnauksissa (MPV - Multi Player Tournaments) eivät vaikuta kierrätysvaatimusten täyttymiseen.
  14. Täytettyäsi ensimmäisen rekisteröitymisbonuksesi kierrätysvaatimuksen voit nostaa rahaa käteissaldostasi milloin tahansa.
  15. Tämä bonustarjous umpeutuu kotiutuksen yhteydessä. Mikä tahansa tälle bonukselle tehty vaade kotiutuksen pyytämisen jälkeen, oli se sitten vireillä tai jo maksettu, mitätöi bonuksen. Kun sinulle on myönnetty rekisteröitymisbonus, olettaen että olet täyttänyt kaikki kierrätysvaatimukset, voit nostaa enintään ensitalletustasi vastaavan summan kuusinkertaisena, ja jäljelle jäävä saldo menetetään. Tätä ehtoa sovelletaan vain kasinon johdon päätöksellä. Kaikki progressiiviset voitot vapautetaan tästä ehdosta.
  16. Jos kotiutusta pyydetään ennen kuin tämä ilmaiskierrostarjous on hyvitetty bonussaldoon, bonus tulee menetetyksi.
  17. Et pysty kotiuttamaan varoja tililtäsi ennen kuin olet joko täyttänyt kierrätysvaatimukset tai pelannut kaikki bonustililläsi olevat varat. Bonustililtä tehtyjen vetojen voitot, mitkä saadaan kierrätysvaatimusten täyttämisen jälkeen, hyvitetään suoraan käteissaldoon.
  18. Jos et halua kasinon tilillesi maksamaa rekisteröitymisbonusta, sinulla on oikeus pyytää rekisteröitymisbonuksen poistamista tililtäsi, olettaen, ettei kierrätystä ole tapahtunut alkutalletuksen tai siihen liittyvän rekisteröitymisbonuksen kohdalla. Voit tehdä tämän ottamalla yhteyttä asiakastukeen sähköpostitse tai live-chatissa, jolloin rekisteröitymisbonus voidaan poistaa. Jos kierrätystä on jo tapahtunut, tuota rekisteröitymisbonusta ei voida poistaa tililtäsi (nostamalla eikä pyytämällä poistamista tukihenkilökunnalta), ennen kuin tuohon rekisteröitymisbonukseen liittyvä kierrätysvaatimus on täyttynyt.
  19. Ennen kuin mitään nostoja käsitellään, pelaamisesi tarkastetaan sääntöjen vastaisen pelaamisen varalta, esim. tasa-, nolla- tai aitavetojen, jotka lasketaan sääntöjen vastaiseksi pelaamiseksi rekisteröitymisbonuksen kierrätysvaatimustarkoituksissa. Muita esimerkkejä sääntöjen vastaisesta pelaamisesta ovat muun muassa yksittäisten panosten asettamiset koko bonuksen summalla tai vähintään 30 % tilillesi maksetun bonuksen arvosta siihen saakka, kunnes tuon bonuksen kierrätysvaatimukset ovat täyttyneet. Kasino pidättää oikeuden päättää, mitä toimia pidetään “sääntöjen vastaisena pelaamisena” rekisteröitymisbonuksen kierrätysvaatimustarkoituksissa, ja evätä kaikki nostot, jos rahojen saamisessa on käytetty sääntöjenvastaista pelaamista rekisteröitymisbonuksen kierrätysvaatimusten täyttämiseksi.
  20. Siinä tapauksessa, että kasino uskoo sinun käyttävän väärin tai aikovan käyttää väärin bonusta tai jotakin muuta kampanjaa, tai jos todennäköisesti hyödyt mistä tahansa soveltamastamme uhkapelikäytännöstä väärinkäytöksen tai hyvän tahdon puutteen tuloksena, kasinoryhmä voi omalla päätäntävallallaan kieltää, pidättää tai peruuttaa sinulta minkä tahansa bonuksen tai kampanjan, tai kumota minkä tahansa käytännön joko väliaikaisesti tai pysyvästi, tai evätä pääsysi palveluihin ja/tai estää tilisi. Noissa olosuhteissa kasinolla ei ole mitään velvoitteita hyvittää sinulle tileilläsi mahdollisesti olevia varoja, lukuun ottamatta alkuperäisiä talletussummiasi.
  21.  Jos rekisteröitymisbonus pysyy käyttämättömänä bonussaldossasi kaksi (2) kuukautta tai pidempään lunastushetkestä lukien, rekisteröitymisbonus menetetään kasinolle.
  22. Kasinon Säännöt ja Käyttöehdot pätevät tähän kampanjaan. Mikäli näiden kampanjakohtaisten Sääntöjen ja Käyttöehtojen ja Kasinon Sääntöjen ja Käyttöehtojen välillä on ristiriitaa, Kampanjakohtaisia Sääntöjä ja Käyttöehtoja sovelletaan ensisijaisesti, mutta kuitenkin vain ristiriitaisuuksien osalta.
  23. Missä tahansa kiistatapauksessa kasinon johdon päätöstä pidetään täydellisenä ja lopullisena. Tämän asian suhteen ei käydä väittelyä.
  24.  Kasinon johto pidättää oikeuden päättää tämän kampanjan tai muuttaa sitä milloin tahansa ilman erillistä ilmoitusta.

Päivitetty viimeksi:20/03/2019